Anatomy of Android Application

Before you run your app, you should be aware of a few directories and files in the Android project:New Picture (9)

S.N.Folder, File & Description




1 This contains the .java source files for your project. By default, it includes an MainActivity.javasource file having an activity class that runs when your app is launched using the app icon.




2 This contains the .R file, a compiler-generated file that references all the resources found in your project. You should not modify this file.


3 bin
This folder contains the Android package files .apk built by the ADT during the build process and everything




else needed to run an Android application.


4 res/drawable-hdpi
This is a directory for drawable objects that are designed for high-density screens.
5 res/layout
This is a directory for files that define your app’s user interface.


7 This is the manifest file which describes the fundamental characteristics of the app and defines each of its
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