Accelerometer noise note If it is too slow to adapt to sudden change in position, do more rapid changes when angle(accel, acceleration) is bigger You can throw away single values that are way out of average. The |acc| does not
matrixR – rotation matrix R device coordinates -> world’s coordinates Rt= R-1 matrixI – inclination matrix I rotation around the X axis getInclination (I) – computes geomagnetic inclination angle in radians Open GL The rotation matrix can be used with
Accelerometer vs. Gyroscope
• Accelerometer senses linear movement, but worse rotations, good for tilt detection, Does not know difference between gravity and linear movement, shaking, jitter can be filtered out, but the delay is added • Gyroscope measure all types of rotation not
Light sensor Sensor.TYPE_LIGHT values = ambient light level in SI lux units SensorManager’s constants LIGHT_CLOUDY: 100 LIGHT_FULLMOON: 0.25 LIGHT_NO_MOON: 0.001 LIGHT_OVERCAST: 10000.0 (cloudy) LIGHT_SHADE: 20000.0 LIGHT_SUNLIGHT: 110000.0 LIGHT_SUNLIGHT_MAX: 120000.0 LIGHT_SUNRISE: 400.0 Proximity sensor Sensor.TYPE_PROXIMITY values: Proximity sensor distance measured in
Applications Resizing screen / tilt Environment adjustment of apps, user comfort Adjustment in cinema, prediction of movement Gaming AR AR Gaming AR Navigation Bar codes Geo – tagging, grafitti, recomendations.. Network of objects, locations and people, 3D social Giant distributed